Hello my name is Phoebe Baddeley. The last year of my life has been crazy. I’ve been fortunate to meet and talk to some amazing people along the way, a brand with a change helping to enlighten our future PHOEBS the brand funding organizations to restore our world for the better. Here’s a little about my story started at only 16..

I was born in stoke on Trent in 2005 I grew up as  child who would do a lot of exploring and be quite loud to say the least I still haven’t changed turning 17 in the next couple of months, and attended Alleyne’s academy where the start of PHOEBS took place in Staffordshire. I spent most of my time making people laugh more then the work I was supposed to be doing or daydreaming about the brand and the things I want it to achieve. As a kid I have always being fascinated by the outside world but it’s only become a huge part of my life since 2020, with that passion, obsession leading to me creating PHOEBS..

I was never great at school. More people believed in me then I did. But I never had regrets if that was saying stuff I shouldn’t of said or doing stuff I shouldn’t of done I don’t regret it at all I would regret it if I never took the chance and did it. I started PHOEBS At 15 during the 3rd lockdown a time where I was struggling, I started PHOEBS so it’s almost a lifeline for me but it gives people hope for the future “doing fashion the right way”

And around that time I started the gym, the gym was a huge place to clear my head and focus on myself, and my brand slowly getting sales. I remember my first sale I was in the canteen running around like a mad man the feeling (It was like when you meet someone you like or finding out they like you back that crazy feeling) an extraordinary feeling something I will never forget from going to only a few people wearing PHOEBS to now hundreds of people wearing PHOEBS it’s a dream come true.

And now turning 17 I have accomplished many things which people have told me it’s impossible, like helping prevent an entire species from going extinct which I couldn’t do without the incredible people supporting PHOEBS. Or owning a brand worth thousands with huge opportunities coming our way I have decided to support another organization to help rewild the UK. I am really in an amazing place in my life right now, excited for the future to see the things PHOEBS will achieve and the person I will become along the way. - This has changed my life.  

Turning obsessions into passion becoming the explorer - PHOEBS